Speculations suggest the souped-up coupe could receive the 473 hp engine and manual transmission from the base BMW M3, but could it opt for the 453 hp M2 motor instead?

The Toyota GR Supra has been in need of a boost, especially since Nissan’s Z arrived, offering a more powerful engine and a lower price tag. Just this summer, Nissan unveiled the hotter Nismo Z, a car that left Toyota without a response. However, that is about to change.

We recently spotted the new high-performance GRMN Supra undergoing tests in Germany. The rugged-looking coupe has us so thrilled that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to feature it more as a fresh set of images landed in our inbox today.

These images showcase the super-Supra once again, showcasing its capabilities at the Nurburgring and on the fast, winding roads surrounding the renowned track. The minimal camouflage includes unique black, red, white, and gray colors that Toyota uses for all its GR prototypes. However, even this colorful mix doesn’t hide the canards and front splitter, as well as the motorsport-style rear spoiler.

The wrapping does little to hide the noticeably lowered stance of this vehicle. In contrast to the standard GR Supra, it’s evident that this model sits much closer to the ground, hinting at extensive work by Gazoo Racing engineers on the suspension. These images also reveal what appears to be an upgraded brake system, including drilled, two-piece floating rotors and high-performance Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires.

Toyota GRMN Supra

The GRMN moniker typically represents Gazoo Racing, Masters of the Nürburgring. However, in this case, the “M” might just as well stand for “BMW M” if the rumors hold true. The Supra, built on the same platform as the BMW Z4, shares its 382 hp (387 PS) 3.0-liter engine with the Z4 M40i. While BMW doesn’t offer the Z4 with a manual gearbox and never ventured into creating a full M version, Toyota introduced a manual option for the Supra in 2022 and is now reportedly considering adopting one of BMW’s M powerplants for the GRMN coupe.

Toyota supra

Previously, we speculated that Toyota might opt for the 473 hp (480 PS) engine from the base BMW M3, offering a choice between a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic transmission, similar to the non-Competition M4. However, upon further consideration, it’s possible that BMW would provide Toyota with the slightly milder 453 hp (460 PS) version of the motor from the M2. Why? Because the 3.0 Supra and M240i already share the same 382 hp power output, and the M2 and GRMN Supra would essentially be competing for the same pool of buyers. Therefore, BMW might not want to give Toyota the upper hand in this scenario.


If the theory about the M3 engine is accurate, the GRMN would indeed have a power advantage of 71 hp (72 PS) over the current 3.0-liter Supra. It would also benefit from an additional 20 lb-ft (27 Nm) of torque, as the M2 powertrain shares the same torque figure of 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) as the M3, despite its lower power output. As for what the GRMN has under the hood, it’s quite likely to be the 473 hp (480 PS) engine from the base BMW M3, providing the GRMN Supra with the substantial boost in power and torque.

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