Ferrari’s Special Projects Division Transforms F8 Spider: Roofless with Striking Two-Tone Carbon Bodywork

Owning a brand-new Ferrari supercar already requires substantial wealth. However, for a privileged few, true opulence means having Ferrari craft a bespoke masterpiece exclusively for them. Enter the latest marvel from Maranello, the SP-8.

The ‘SP’ in SP-8 denotes ‘Special Projects,’ a division entrusted with crafting these unique creations. The ‘8’ pays homage to the now-retired F8 Spider, the ultimate evolution of the model originating from the 458. Mechanically, the SP-8 mirrors the F8, with an unchanged twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 generating 710 hp (720 PS). However, the true transformation lies in its exterior.

The SP-8 undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, thanks to a fresh set of carbon fiber bodywork that subtly redefines the F8’s shape. The icing on the cake is the ingenious two-tone color scheme, playing optical tricks that make the transformation appear even more profound. The rear bodywork shimmers in silver, while the front flaunts visible carbon fiber that seems poised to engulf the entire car.

ferrari sp 8

Up front, the standout feature is the expansive cast aluminum grille, formed from a single 3D-printed mold. The vertical spokes are meticulously spaced and angled, a result of input from the design team’s aesthetics and the aerodynamics department’s data. Special headlight covers and wheels reminiscent of F40’s rims complete the distinctive look.

Moving to the rear, the design draws inspiration from more contemporary Ferrari models. Square exhaust tips borrowed from the 296 GTB and taillights sourced from the Roma, though uniquely lensed, take the spotlight. Inside, a blend of old and new elements is at play. While the fundamental dashboard structure remains akin to the F8, the F1 transmission’s gear selector dons a retro-inspired gate, originally seen on the SF90 Stradale.

The fortunate owner commissioning this masterpiece hails from Taiwan, so favorable weather conditions in that region will be of paramount importance. The SP-8, after all, embraces the open-top experience with no roof. Nevertheless, if one can indulge in the rumored $2 million to secure a coveted spot on Ferrari Special Projects’ exclusive list, they likely possess a garage full of alternatives for those rainy days.

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