We tried out Escort’s latest 360c radar detector on a road trip to the mountains.

Radar detectors have been around for over 50 years, helping drivers avoid speeding tickets. While we don’t condone speeding, having a heads-up on radar can be useful. Enter the Escort Max 360c MKII. We took it for a spin on a road trip from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to West Virginia’s New River Gorge area. This isn’t a formal test but a look at how it performs in everyday use. We stuck it on the windshield, hit the road, and observed its performance throughout the trip.

About Radar Detectors:

Law enforcement radar primarily operates on K- and Ka-band frequencies nowadays, with X-bands being rare. “Laser” is another term used, harder to detect unless aimed at your vehicle—encountering this means you’re likely getting a ticket on the spot.

Not every alert from your radar detector signals a cop. False alarms are common, triggered by various sources from blind-spot monitors to shop doors. Premium detectors, like the Escort Max 360c, can sift these out using GPS lockout to remember and ignore known false alerts.

Notable Features of the Escort Max 360c MKII

As the second generation of Escort’s Max 360c, it boasts a 50% increased range over its predecessor, addressing a past shortfall. The updated DSP chip promises swift performance, while dual-band Wi-Fi enables connected-car capabilities. Enhanced filtering software aims to reduce false alerts significantly.



mk2 radar detactor


The device itself boasts a sleek appearance, elegantly perched on its magnetic mount. While the blue directional arrows aim to pinpoint alerts, we noticed occasional delays—similar to the MKI model. Installation is a breeze; just plug it into the 12-volt outlet. However, the cord length might pose an issue if your outlet is far from the mounting spot.

Adjustable screen brightness and sensitivity settings tailored to various driving scenarios enhance user control. We mainly toggled between Auto and Highway modes. Additionally, a convenient mute button on the power cord base helps manage noise levels.

For added insights during your drive, the Drive Smarter app offers more details. With the MKII, you gain access to community-based alerts for speed traps and police sightings via Wi-Fi or the app. Connecting with the radar and navigating the app proved simple and informative. Though, a drawback is that user-based alerts might be outdated by the time you receive them, with officers already gone from reported locations.

More on the Escort Max 360c MKII

Logging nearly 1000 miles on our road trip, we took plenty of notes on the performance of the Escort. Setup was simple—plug and play, just like Escort said.

Review: Escort MAX 360c MKII
max escort

The MKII startled us with its loud alerts for K- and Ka-band readings, prompting a quick volume adjustment. We observed about a 60:40 ratio of visible police to either undetected cops or false alarms with these alerts. The Escort successfully warned us about three genuine speed traps well in advance, proving its effectiveness.

However, we remained aware that the detector missed some cops. While this might not solely be the Escort’s fault, it’s a consideration to keep in mind with any radar detector.

At around $600 (get 10%off on amazon), the Escort Max 360c MKII doesn’t come cheap. Yet, it’s packed with features, and Escort’s reputation adds to its allure. Plus, they offer a trade-in program and a Limited Ticket Guarantee, covering your speeding fine in specific cases.

Though it’s a hefty investment, it’s essentially an expense to dodge future ticket costs. Depending on your frequency of run-ins with the law, this device could eventually pay for itself.

Practical Insights: Radar Detection Realities

The Escort Max 360c MKII stands out as a high-tech, albeit pricey, radar detector. It’s not a free pass to speed but functions as an early-warning system prompting speed checks. While it doesn’t make you invulnerable, it excels at uncovering hidden speed traps.

Our advice? Combine its use with a community-based app like Waze for broader coverage of speed traps. We prefer using both during the day, but at night, rely more on the detector.

To sum up, for first-time buyers, don’t anticipate total immunity from speeding tickets. It simply alerts you to radar, allowing you to monitor and adjust your speed. If the cost isn’t a deterrent, the Escort Max 360c MKII proves to be a dependable choice.

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