The Nissan Hyper Punk Concept Features an Electric Architecture with a Comprehensive Vehicle-to-Everything System.

Nissan is unveiling its fourth concept at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show, and much like the previous three, it boasts an edgy and radical design, catering to a highly specialized audience.

Nissan describes its fresh creation, the Hyper Punk Concept, as being designed for content creators, influencers, artists, and individuals who value both style and innovation. Nissan’s own words underline this intent. In line with the tastes of these discerning buyers, the Hyper Punk boasts a bold, geometric design featuring polygonal surfaces and a mesmerizing color-shifting silver paint scheme.

nissan hyper car

Although electric, the Nissan Hyper Punk maintains a striking visual presence with its intricate LED daytime running lights composed of numerous tiny triangles positioned at the bumper’s edges. The front design is further accentuated by vertical LED lights tracing the front wheel arches, along with a black-clad hood. Enhancing its bold appearance, the Hyper Punk showcases 23-inch wheels adorned with illuminated triangular accents.

Interior Nissan Hyper : Origami Meets Creativity

The interior is equally captivating, mirroring the exterior’s distinctiveness. It features origami-inspired elements and incorporates cameras that capture the surrounding landscape, utilizing AI to transform it into manga-style scenery and graphic patterns displayed on the cabin’s three-screen interface. Nissan describes the cabin as a mobile creative studio, offering uninterrupted internet connectivity and incorporating biosensors in the headrests to gauge the driver’s mood. According to Nissan, this concept can then fine-tune the music and lighting to enhance the driver’s energy and creativity.

Like Nissan’s other concept vehicles making their debut at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, the Hyper Punk is constructed on an electric architecture complete with a Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) system. In an exciting twist, this creation, along with the other three concepts, will be accessible in the virtual realm of Fortnite starting from October 25.

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