The new bodystyle variant of the bmw 5 Series will be available in Europe, Japan, and Taiwan

BMW has given us a first glimpse of the highly-anticipated 5-Series Touring, and this comes shortly after leaked patent drawings effectively uncovered the model’s exterior design. Set to make its debut in spring 2024, the 5-Series Touring represents the more practical iteration of the 5-Series and i5 lineup. However, it comes with a catch – this stylish midsize wagon will be exclusively available to customers in Europe, Japan, and Taiwan, leaving U.S. buyers yearning for this premium offering.

Introducing the 5-Series Touring

The teaser image provided by BMW offers a single, tantalizing view of the car’s profile, revealing the unmistakable silhouette and the iconic LED lighting signature of the midsize estate. This design has been the subject of many sightings by our diligent spy photographers. As expected, the front section of the vehicle is reminiscent of its sedan counterpart. Still, the excitement lies in the redesigned rear end, which incorporates the practicality of an upright tail, setting it apart as a compelling, lower-slung alternative to the prevailing SUV trend.

BMW has officially confirmed that the powertrain options for the 5-Series Touring will closely mirror those of the sedan counterpart. As a result, the CLAR-based 5-Series Touring will offer a comprehensive lineup, including petrol, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and a fully electric variant in the form of the i5 Touring.

At the pinnacle of the performance spectrum, enthusiasts can anticipate the M5 Touring, rumored to generate a formidable 790 hp (588 kW / 800 PS) through a plug-in hybrid V8 borrowed from the XM. The M5 Touring will also sport a distinctive wide bodykit, setting it apart from the rest of the lineup. For those seeking a powerful yet eco-conscious family vehicle, the fully electric i5 M60 xDrive will be available, boasting an impressive 593 hp (442 kW / 601 PS).

Market Launch in 2024

The highly-anticipated eighth-generation BMW 5-Series Touring is scheduled for a market launch in spring 2024. However, if you reside outside of Europe, Japan, or Taiwan, accessing this model may prove challenging, as BMW has chosen to restrict its availability to these specific markets.

It’s worth noting that the new BMW 5-Series Sedan has already been introduced in South Korea and will soon make its way to other markets, including Germany, with initial deliveries slated for October 21. The executive midsize sedan is set to make its U.S. debut on October 28, followed by a global rollout commencing on November 25.

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