► New Lexus LBX from £29,995
► A small premium crossover

► First deliveries March 2024

The all-new Lexus LBX is set to make its debut in the UK with a starting price of just £29,995, and deliveries are scheduled to kick off in the spring. Initially, all models will be front-wheel drive, and British buyers will have the option to choose from nine different trim levels, with the range-topping Takumi Design priced at £40,545.

This compact baby crossover marks a significant expansion of the Lexus lineup into the thriving world of compact SUVs. It stands out for several reasons, including its ambitious sales goals, its distinction as the smallest Lexus ever, a brand-new emblem, and its fresh design that introduces a unique look beyond the iconic spindle grille.

Lexus has tailored the LBX primarily for the European market, though it is likely to find its way to other continents as well. Built on the Toyota group’s GA-B global platform, shared with its sibling, the Toyota Yaris Cross, the Lexus LBX is equipped with a 1.5-liter hybrid powertrain. This powertrain includes the latest bi-polar nickel-metal hydride batteries, providing increased range and energy density.

How big is the Lexus LBX?

  • The LBX measures 4190mm in length and 1825mm in width, putting it in close proximity to the popular Ford Puma’s dimensions. Positioned right in the heart of the compact SUV segment, it will face competition from vehicles such as the VW T-Cross, Volvo XC40, and Mazda CX-30.
  • What sets this compact crossover apart is its fresh take on the grille design. Departing from the decade-long dominance of the large ‘spindle’ grilles on most Lexus models, the LBX introduces a more streamlined appearance.
  • According to Koichi Suga, the general manager of Lexus Design, “We have reimagined the spindle grille to create a new front-end design. We’ve successfully crafted a fresh identity that is entirely different from the past while remaining unmistakably Lexus.”
  • The slimline headlamps are connected by a narrow opening that spans the width of the bonnet, reducing the trapezoidal grille to a smaller opening just below the metal badge at the front edge of the bonnet. The grille is more understated in size, with its honeycomb pattern extending to the body-colored front bumper area.

Engines and specs

  • Europe played a leading role in shaping the development of the LBX, marking the first time a Lexus model received such influence. The company is confident that this influence will propel the LBX to become one of the best-selling vehicles for the brand in Europe.
  • Under the hood, you’ll find the familiar three-cylinder 1.5-liter petrol engine, designed to operate on the Atkinson cycle, coupled with the self-charging hybrid technology from the Toyota group. The combined power output of the system is 134bhp with 137lb ft of torque, and you can choose between 17-inch or 18-inch wheels.
  • The LBX initially sends power to the front wheels as standard. However, higher-spec models in the future will come equipped with Lexus’s E-Four all-wheel drive, which incorporates an electric motor at the rear axle, delivering traction to all four wheels.
  • While specific performance figures are not available yet, a closely related vehicle, the Yaris Cross with the same powertrain, accomplishes a 0-62mph sprint in 11.2 seconds, reaches a top speed of 105mph, achieves a combined fuel economy of 65.9mpg, and emits 120g/km of CO2. Similar performance expectations can be anticipated for the Lexus LBX.


The LBX provides comfortable seating for four occupants within a cabin that reflects the brand’s luxury aspirations. It features the standard inclusion of the Lexus Link Connect system, which can be conveniently controlled through a 9.8-inch touchscreen interface.

  • Lexus has made notable strides in infotainment technology in recent years, allowing drivers to interact with their vehicle using ‘Hey Lexus’ speech recognition. Following the brand’s tradition, audio enthusiasts have the option to select the high-end Mark Levinson 13-speaker stereo system for an exceptional audio experience.
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  • The Lexus LBX may be compact in size, but it offers a generous loadspace of 332 liters for front-wheel drive models. For all-wheel drive E-Four models, the exact reduction in cargo capacity is unspecified.

How much does the Lexus LBX cost, and when will it be available for purchase?

The first customer deliveries aren’t scheduled until March 2024, eight months after it was unveiled.

Urban1.5 hybrid electric FWD£29,995
Premium1.5 hybrid electric FWD£32,495
Premium Plus1.5 hybrid electric FWD£34,495
Premium Plus Design1.5 hybrid electric FWD£35,595
Takumi1.5 hybrid electric FWD£38,245
Takumi Design1.5 hybrid electric FWD£39,245
Takumi1.5 hybrid electric AWD£39,545
Takumi Design1.5 hybrid electric AWD£40,545
Original Edition1.5 hybrid electric FWD£39,995
  • The LBX introduces a new naming convention for the Lexus brand. Prior to this, only the LFA enjoyed a three-letter designation. According to Lexus, LBX stands for “Lexus Breakthrough Crossover.” However, an alternative interpretation suggests that L represents Lexus, B points to the B-segment market (which includes vehicles like the Ford Puma and Vauxhall Mokka), and X once again signifies its identity as an SUV or crossover, following the industry norm.
  • This move allows Lexus to venture into a market segment it has not previously been part of, likely drawn by the popularity and success of compact crossovers. Additionally, it’s expected to help the brand regain some of the customers it had when selling the CT hatchback, which was available until a few years ago.

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