The daughter of John Z DeLorean says the new model will be the Corvette-based model that he always wanted to build

DeLorean Next Generation Motors (DNG) has unveiled plans to pay tribute to John Z. DeLorean by creating a special car. Additionally, they will produce a more affordable supercar inspired by the C8-generation Chevrolet Corvette.

DNG Motors made its initial announcement a year ago when they introduced their first model, named the Model JZD. It’s essential to distinguish DNG from another DeLorean venture that is developing an all-electric performance car called the Alpha5. DNG, founded by Kathryn DeLorean, the daughter of John Z. DeLorean, is taking a unique approach to honor her father’s legacy.

At the entry point of their lineup will be a mid-engined supercar derived from the Chevrolet Corvette. Although a name for this model hasn’t been finalized, DNG confirmed it will offer a more affordable option compared to the Model JZD. The C8 serves as an ideal foundation, not only because it’s one of the most cost-effective mid-engined sports cars available but also because John Z. DeLorean spent 17 years working at GM, where he once held the position of head of Chevrolet. During his tenure, he advocated for a mid-engine Corvette, collaborating with Zora Arkus-Duntov.

Design Transformations and Renderings

While development of this model is still in its initial phases, Kathryn DeLorean has revealed that DNG Motors intends to replace the Corvette’s body with a distinctive design featuring gullwing doors, reminiscent of the original DMC-12. The exact scope of modifications under the hood remains uncertain, but DeLorean noted that the company will collaborate with various aftermarket performance experts.

Ángel Guerra has shared numerous renderings of the proposed model, but it’s unclear how closely the production car will adhere to these designs. According to Kathryn, crafting a DeLorean based on the Corvette “allows me to complete my father’s story. I’m creating his dream car.”

DNG’s previously mentioned Model JZD will occupy the top tier of their lineup. This model will be meticulously handcrafted and come at a significantly higher price point compared to the other DeLorean’s expected $125,000 Alpha5. Limited to just 42 units worldwide, it will also feature iconic gullwing doors.

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